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Oracle Apps DBA - Apps password Change for E-Business Suite R12.2

Date Added: 10 Oct.2019 Date Updated: 10 Oct.2019 Oracle Apps DBA Full Blog

Apps password Change for E-Business Suite R12.2


Change apps password:

All three schema's APPS, APPLSYS and APPS_NE password  will be changed while changing APPLSYS password.

steps to change apps password:
1. Shut down the application tier services
2. Change the APPLSYS password
FNDCPASS apps/<apps_pw> 0 Y SYSTEM/<system_pw> SYSTEM APPLSYS <new_password>
3.Run Autoconfig on Application Tier with newly changed password
4. Start the Adminserver
./ start
5. Change the "apps" password in WLS Datasource as follows:
Log in to WLS Administration Console.
Click Lock & Edit in Change Center
In the Domain Structure tree, expand Services, then select Data Sources
On the "Summary of JDBC Data Sources" page, select EBSDataSource
On the "Settings for EBSDataSource" page, select the Connection Pool tab.
Enter the new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" field.
Click Activate Changes in Change Center.
6.Start the application tier services
Oracle Doc ID 1674462.1 using FNDCPASS or AFPASSWD.