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Oracle Apps DBA - 500 Internal Server Error in R12

Date Added: 21 Nov.2019 Date Updated: 21 Nov.2019 Oracle Apps DBA Full Blog

500 Internal Server Error in R12


500 Internal Server Error in Oracle E-Business suite
Solution -
- Clear the browser cache and E-Business suite instance cache.
- Compile all JSP files after sourcing the environment. Run the command
cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin --compile --flush
[applmgr@ebs121 scripts]$
[applmgr@ebs121 scripts]$ cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin
[applmgr@ebs121 bin]$
[applmgr@ebs121 bin]$ --compile --flush
logfile set: /apps/applmgr/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_ebs121/logs/appl/rgf/ojsp/ojspc_error.log
starting...(compiling all)
using 10i internal ojsp ver: 10
synchronizing dependency file:
  loading deplist...8095
  enumerating jsps...8095
  updating dependency...0
initializing compilation:
  eliminating children...6024 (-2071)
translating and compiling:
  translating jsps...6024/6024 in 7m16s
  compiling jsps...6024/6024 in 13m48s
[applmgr@ebs121 bin]$