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Oracle Apps DBA - Adpatch Issues - Network failure, Worker failed and Pre-requisite patch missing

Date Added: 20 Nov.2019 Date Updated: 20 Nov.2019 Oracle Apps DBA Full Blog

Adpatch Issues - Network failure, Worker failed and Pre-requisite patch missing

Common Adpatch issues:

While we apply patch get multiple issues like
Worker failed patching
Network failure
Pre-Requisite patch is missing
Whenever adpatch gives error and stops patching because some reason. First check the status of worker with ADCTRL  utility and then go through your adpatch log and get some hint why patch is failed, then try to fix accordingly. Each issue has specific approach for fixing it.
Worker failed patching:
While we check the adpacth log at location PPL_TOP/ADMIN/SID/LOG/adpatch.log and we notice that adpatch failed because of worker has failed patching. We must immediately check the worker log at location APPL_TOP/ADMIN/SID/LOG/adworkxxx.log and check for the issue and fix it.
Once issue is fixed then follow below steps:
Login with APPLMGR user
Source the environment
Start adpatch session again and will ask for continuation of previous session
Say yes
It will continue patching with previous session only where it was left.
.rf9 is the file which helps the adpatch to determine where patch was left patching. Patching information is held into tables AD_DEFERRED_JOBS and FND_INSTALLED_PROCESSES.
Network Issue:
While we are applying application patch and network is failed in between. In this case we have to apply the patch again with below steps:
Login with APPLMGR user
Source the environment
adpacth - It will ask for continue to previous session
Say yes
If still patching is not working, Please check the log at location $APPL_TOP/ADMIN/SID/LOG/adpatch.log and sometimes it shows some autopatch error. In this case, we must check the worker status with ADCTRL utility with option 1. It shows as worker is still under running.
This is the actual problem and will stop the worker with ADCTRL utility selecting option 3 as below:
AD Controller Menu
1. Show worker status
2. Tell worker to restart a failed job
3. Tell worker to quit
4. Tell manager that a worker failed its job
5. Tell manager that a worker acknowledges quit
6. Restart a worker on the current machine
7. Exit
But if you check the status of worker again with ADCTRL utility, It shows as worker is still running. Problem is still not resolved and for resolving the issues to continue with patching worker status should change to failed.
So in this case will get into ADCTRL utility menu and opt for option 4: Tell manager that a worker failed its job. Now if you check the worker status, it will change to failed.
You can start adpatch again and continue with session to patch where patch had stopped working.
Pre-Requisite patch is missing:
if patch is failed because of pre-requisite patch missing. In this case , we need to take the backup of AD_DEFERRED_JOBS, FND_INSTALLED_PROCESSES and restart directory(containing .rf9 file). Location of restart directory is $APPL_TOP/ADMIN/SID/restart.
Drop these tables and start with new session and apply the pre-requisite patch and check the log.
One pre-requisite patch is complete, recover the backed up tables and restart directory start adpatch session and continue with previous session.
Steps to apply pre-requisite patch:
1.      Stop the worker with ADCTRL utility.
3.      Backup the .rf9 file located at $APPL_TOP/admin/<SID>/restart directory.
5.       Apply the pre-requisite patch.
6.      Restore the backed up .rf9 file or restart directory.
7.      Restore the FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table.
8.      Restore the AD_DEFERRED_JOBS table.
9.      Start adpatch, it will resume where it stopped previously.
What are the tables created while we start adpatch session?
FND_INSTALLED_PROCESSES: adpacth creates FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table, assigns each worker unique ID with new row for each worker. This table is used to store the information about the job for each worker. Once all jobs are completed, worker shuts down and drops FND_INSTALL_PROCESSES table.
AD_DEFERRED_JOBS: This table holds the information of failed (workers which has failed its job). This table is created on starting the session of adpatch utility and drops once it is complete.
From which table ADCTRL gathers information?