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Oracle RAC DBA - Oracle RAC SRVCTL and CRSCTL tools

Date Added: 09 Oct.2019 Date Updated: 09 Oct.2019 Oracle RAC DBA Full Blog

Oracle RAC SRVCTL and CRSCTL tools

Check RAC and Cluster health

-  To check the health of RAC database there are two oracle native tools CRSCTL and SRVCTL.
-   SQLPLUS is the command line tool to check the health of RAC instance and ASM instance.

Using SQLPLUS and find the RAC Instance status - 

sql>select instance_name, host_name, archiver, thread#, status from gv$instance;

sql>show sga

sql>select file_name, bytes/1024/1024 from dba_data_files;

sql>show parameter undo

sql>select group#, type, member, is_recovery_dest_file from v$logfile order by group#;

sql> select distinct thread#,group# from gv$log;

sql> select name from v$datafile